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Single Sign-on Access for Instruction Tools

I am a Visiting Professor, Lecturer, Affiliated Faculty and need to use the Instruction Tools to check my class lists and contact students. 

Getting a new "Business Systems" account involves several steps, most relying on updates on UCSD computer systems that are not controlled by the Literature Department. The process cannot begin until the first day of your appointment and it may take several days for the process to be completed. Until your Single Sign-on account is setup you may ask the Undergraduate Office staff to print rosters for you.

Step 1. Your appointment is entered into the Payroll System by the Literature Academic Files office. Please note: If your appointment has been entered in the Payroll System but the appointment has not "started" yet, you will not be able to sign up for Single Sign on. For example, if you are teaching in the "Spring" your appointment may not start until April 1 -- you will not be able to sign up for SSO until then.

Step 2. You need a UCSD email address. If you do not have one, please check information on the "Get Started" FAQ page. As stated, if your appointment is less than one year, please visit the ACMS/ACT Help Desk to get a UCSD email address.

3. Sign up for Single Sign On and a password with the Self-register online tool. If you get an error message that your email address is not valid, try back in a day or so. 

4. Most Important! Email litinfo@ucsd.edu and let staff know that you have a Single Sign-On account and that you want Intruction Toolbox Access. This is the only way that staff will know you have a Single Sign-on account and needs this access. The staff will process the request for approval after receiving the email request within two business day. You will receive an email from acthelp@ucsd.edu when your Instruction toolbox access is ready.

I am an Associate In and need to use the Instruction Tools to check my class lists and contact students. 

Sorry, if you have an Associate In appointment you are not eligible to use Instruction Tool. Please contact the Undergraduate Office for assistance with Rosters, etc. 

Help! I signed up for Single Sign-on but I get an "Access Denied" error when I try to access class lists!

See Item #4 above.

Help! I want to reset my Single Sign-on password!


I am still having problems logging into Single Sign-on!

Please call ACT at (858) 534-1853.