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Frequently Asked Questions (cont)

I am a Literature affiliate with an assigned office in the Literature Building and I would like to connect my computer to the Internet with an Ethernet Cable in my office

Every office and seminar room in the Literature building has an Ethernet port that is activated (either the port labled 1A or 1B (try both!) . Check out our IP Registration Webpage to get started. Note: The Department is not responsible for personal equipment left in offices - lock it!

I want to use wireless in the Literature building or around campus. What are the UCSD-PROTECTED and UCSD-GUEST wireless networks?

Let's take the last question first. There are two wireless networks available to you on campus: UCSD-PROTECTED -- which is an encrypted connection and intended for Faculty, Staff and students that will be using the network for a long period of time, and UCSD-GUEST -- which is intended for guests to campus that just want to access the internet for a day or so.

Checkout the wireless overview webpage for information on how to setup your device(s) on these networks.

Please note: All Wireless Equipment you wish to use in your office (apple airport express or wireless printer) {{ must {{ be approved by and registered with Adminstrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT). For more information: UCSD Wireless guidelines.

How can I access UCSD Library resources from off-campus?

The Library has a Remote Access Webpage with more information.

Where are the computer labs on campus?

The Academic Computing & Media Services Website has a list of all the labs here.

Help! I have a personal computer that has been compromised and now I cannot access the internet!

Depending on how serious the intrusion, you may have to wipe out your computer completely and reinstall the operating system and all applications and data. The Department cannot provide any software for personal compuers. Your computer must meet the UCSD minimum Security Standards before it can be brought back online. After your computer meets these standards, you will need to Contact litinfo@ucsd.edu and we will request the block on your computer lifted.

I am a graduate Student who has graduated. How can I keep my UCSD email?

Please read  "Things to go before your accounts close" by ACMS

I am a visiting Professor or Lecturer and my appointment is over. How can I keep my UCSD email?