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Russian Literature BooksStories of Khmelnytskyi Symposium, May 6-7, 2012

2013-2014 Russian Literature Courses

*Related Courses = Related courses of interest. These courses may be counted toward the Russian Literature major or minor by petition if the final paper or project is on a Russian literature topic. Please see both the course instructor and Prof. Steven Cassedy at the start of the quarter in order to secure approval for this.

HIEU = History Department (field of emphasis: Europe)
HITO = History Department (field of emphasis: History Topics)

Literatures in Russian

Major Checklist
Fall Course Descriptions
Student Advising:
Danny Panella
Undergraduate Advisor
117 Literature Building
(858) 534-8681
Virtual Advising

Faculty Advising
Steven Cassedy

Director Undergraduate Studies:
Jin-kyung Lee

Russian and Soviet Studies
The UCSD Russian and Soviet Studies Program
Students in the Russian literature major are encouraged to participate in the Education Abroad Program (EAP) in Moscow and to investigate other options for foreign study through the Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP). By petition, credits earned through EAP/OAP can fulfill UCSD degree and major requirements.
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