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Linda Brodkey

Ph.D. (University of New Mexico)

Professor Emerita

Linda Brodkey came to the UCSD in 1992 where she is a Professor in the Department of Literature and the Director of the Warren College Writing Program. She teaches graduate courses on writing research and pedagogy and undergraduate courses on essay writing. She is widely known for her books--Academic Writing as Social Practice and Writing Permitted in Designated Areas Only--and essays--"I Site," "Modernism and the Scene(s) of Writing " and "Writing on the Bias"--on literacy and composition.

Selected Publications:

Academic Writing as Social Practice. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1987.

"Writing Ethnographic Narratives,"; Written Communication, 4 (January 1987): 25-50.

"Modernism and the Scene(s) of Writing" College English, 49 (April 1987): 396-418.

"The Value of Theory in the Academic Marketplace: The Reception of Structuralist Poetics," Perspectives on Rhetoric in the Human Sciences, ed. Herb Simons. London:
Sage, 1988: 164-182.

"On the Subjects of Class and Gender in The Literacy Letters" College English, 51 (February 1989): 125-141.

"Presence of Mind in the Absence of Body" (with Michelle Fine), Journal of Education, 171 (August 1989/88): 84-99.

"Transvaluing Difference," College English, 51 (October 1989): 597-60l.

"Articulating Poststructural Theory in Research on Literacy" Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Literacy Research, eds. Richard Beach, Judith Green, Michael Kamil, and Timothy Shanohan. Urbana: National Council of Teachers of English, 1992.

"Writing on the Bias"; College English, 56 (October 1994): 527-547.

Writing Permitted in Designated Areas Only. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1996.

"I Site,"; Open Letter: Australian Journal for Adult Literacy Research and Practice, 6 (1996): 17-30.