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Completed forms (along with applicable supporting documents) should be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator. Once it is confirmed that the request is valid and complete, the Graduate Coordinator will route the materials to the appropriate faculty for review.
  • Independent Study Request Form (electronic form)
  • Petition to Use Additional Outside Graduate Seminar to Satisfy One Course Requirement Word Document  Adobe VersionGet Adobe Reader
  • Petition to Use Undergraduate Course taken P/NP to Satisify One Course Requirement Word Document Adobe Version
  • Petition to Use Upper Division Undergraduate Course to Satisfy One Course Requirement Word Document Adobe Version
  • Prequalifying Meeting Worksheet Word Document Adobe Version Get Adobe Reader
  • Report on Language Requirements for the Ph.D. in Literature Word Document Adobe Version
  • Transfer of Graduate Seminars Word Document Adobe Version
  • Transfer Section Petition Word Document Adobe Version
  • Travel Req Policy and ApplicationWord Document Adobe Version
    • Student Certification for Business Travel Adobe Version
  • Course Requirement Worksheets:
    • Comparative Literature  Adobe Version
    • Cultural Studies  Adobe Version
    • Literatures in English | Spanish | French  Adobe Version

Office of Graduate Studies

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Director of Doctoral Studies
Daisuke Miyao

Director of MFA Program
Ben Doller

Graduate Coordinator
115 Literature Building
(858) 534-3217

MFA Program Coordinator
Tania Mayer
139 Literature Building
(858) 534-8849

Application Open:
9/1 - 12/1 (deadline)