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Establishing Intellectual Breadth & Identifying Research Interests

Planning Your Course Work

To plan your course of study, you should consult with the Director of Graduate Studies, the head of your section, and faculty members whose interests you share. You may also want to consult the following publications:

Publication Published Available Through

UCSD General Catalog Annually Online
Course Offerings
As changes occur
Literature Graduate office; Online
UCSD Class schedule Quarterly Online
Course Descriptions
Quarterly Literature Graduate office; Online
Faculty Publications Annually Literature Graduate office; Online

Seminars are offered by professors according to their current areas of interest. Therefore, specific topics may not be predictably repeated. You should be in contact with faculty members who work in the areas of your interests so that you can be informed about what they plan to teach in the future. You need not wait for a course to be offered to establish contact with a professor. Rather, plan to visit her/him during office hours to discuss intellectual interests and concerns. To become familiar with professors' research, you may consult the list of faculty publications.

You will find a wide variety of seminars open to you because of the Literature Department's interdisciplinary strengths. You should consider the seminar offerings in all sections of the department as you plan your enrollment during Phase I. You may also want to investigate graduate offerings in other departments or consider enrolling in upper-division undergraduate literature courses. (You may take a maximum of three undergraduate courses for graduate credit. It is strongly recommended that graduate students enroll in graduate seminars whenever possible. Graduate students who take undergraduate courses for seminar credit must receive grades of A to maintain acceptable graduate status and continuation of funding.)