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Independent Studies Courses

To register for an independent study course, please consult with the professor with whom you plan to work. Then obtain, fill out, and submit an Application for Special Studies Course Enrollment form from the Graduate Lounge. This form must outline the proposed plan. You, your professor, and the Director of Graduate Studies must sign the form before a course code may be assigned.

Students should be aware that faculty members agree to direct independent study courses in addition to their regular teaching loads, and therefore may restrict the number of students with whom they are willing to work.

296: Research Practicum. Research project on a specific topic to be developed by a small group of students under the continued direction of individual faculty members. Primarily used as a continuation of a previous seminar. 296 courses DO NOT count toward the seminar requirement.

297: Directed Studies: Reading Course. This course may be designed according to an individual student's needs when seminar offerings do not cover subjects, genres, or authors of interest. Students may also design a 297 course in tandem with a seminar of particular interest so that special attention may paid to that subject. This course is primarily a reading course; it does not require a seminar paper. During the first six quarters of study up to two 297 courses may be taken as part of a student's normal course distribution. There is no limit on the total number of 297s a student can take. 297 courses DO NOT count toward the seminar requirement.

298: Special Projects: Writing Course. This course designed by the student to meet personal scholarly needs. A paper is required, and students frequently use this opportunity to work on qualifying papers. Students are strongly discouraged from taking 298's during their first year of graduate study. Students will register for two 298's to prepare for their qualifying examinations: one in the sixth quarter, to prepare the reading lists; and one in the eighth or ninth quarter to work on the long qualifying paper. More than these two 298 courses DO NOT count toward the seminar requirement.

299: Dissertation Preparation. This course is designed for those who have passed their qualifying examination and are writing their dissertations.

Graduate Coordinator
Kristin Carnohan
115 Literature Building
(858) 534-3217

Application Open:
9/1 - 12/1 (deadline)