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MFA | Forms and Statements

Academic Records

Change or Correct Name on University Records

Request Official Transcript of Academic Records

Enrollment & Degree

Complimentary Enrollment Voucher for Extension Courses

Course Requirements Worksheet

Independent Study Request (LTWR 295 &  298)

Individualized Development Plan

Intercampus Exchange Program Application

Leave of Absence, Extension or Withdrawal

Preauthorization to Enroll (request removal of WebReg enrollment block)

Thesis Proposal Form

  • Contact MFA Graduate Coordinator

Petition to Use Outside Graduate Seminar to Satisfy One Course Requirement

Petition to Use Upper Division Undergraduate Course to Satisfy One Course Requirement

Verification of Enrollment

See the MFA Graduate Coordinator for the following petition forms:

  • Application for Candidacy
  • Change of Major Department or Discipline or Degree Aim
  • Final Report of the Modified Thesis
  • Pay a Filing Fee in Lieu of Registration
  • Readmission to UCSD and the MFA Program
  • Repeat Course In Which Grade D, F, or U Assigned
  • Transfer Graduate Course Credit
  • Waive Registration for Quarter in which Degree Will Be Conferred


Graduate Student Financial Support Letter

TA Appointment Letter

TA Childcare Reimbursement Request

TA Fee Deferment Program

TA Loan Program (Fall Quarter)

Taxes & Earnings

Direct Deposit

Earnings and Taxes

Tax Preparation Forms

See also— General Resources / Taxes & Earnings Information