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Department Services

This page describes the support services the Literature Department provides to graduate students.

Generally the Literature Building is unlocked from 7am to 7pm on business days. However, some services are only available during regular hours.To arrange to use a service (e.g. obtain a print card), inquire at the reception desk in the Literature main office, LIT 110.

Computer Room (LIT 127)

The computer room contains iMAC computers with commonly used software, a scanner and two printers. Use of the computers and the scanner is free for Literature Department affiliates but there is a small charge for printing.(Note: Many campus copiers allow you to scan a document to PDF and email it to yourself.)

You will need the following in order to use the facilities:

  • An entry code to unlock the door
  • A portable flash drive for saving your work
  • A print card for printing

Please plan ahead and apply for your entry code and print card well before you need to use the computer facilities. Application forms for codes are available from the Student Affairs Assistant (inquire at the reception desk in LIT 110). Print cards may be purchased from the department's Financial Assistant.


If the equipment malfunctions, contact the department's Systems Administrator for assistance.

Copier Room (LIT 149)

Handouts for LTWR 8

If you are a TA for an LTWR 8 course and have to make copies for your students, go to LIT 110 and request the use of the department copy card.

Personal Copying

The copier room is kept unlocked and is accessible whenever the building is open. It houses two self-service black/white photocopy machines.

You must activate your UCSD ID card to use the copiers (the copying charges will be billed to your student account). There is a $10 refundable activation fee, payable by cash or check. Please see the department's Financial Assistant to complete the copy service agreement and pay the activation fee. [More about campus copy services.]

If you have difficulty with the equipment or need more paper, please notify the receptionist in LIT 110.

Email and Mail

UCSD students are provided with a free email account. Once you have set up your UCSD email address, be sure to check it often. Email correspondence sent to your @ucsd.edu account is considered official communication and a number of campus offices will communicate with you via this method. If you’d prefer to maintain another email address as your primary account, be sure to redirect your @ucsd.edu account.

You will be assigned a mailbox in the Graduate Student Lounge, where you will receive both U.S. mail and departmental information in the form of memos, newsletters, and announcements. Please check your mailbox and UCSD email regularly.


The MFA Program runs a closed group on Facebook for current and former students. Students are invited to join the group after they accept admission to UCSD.

The MFA Program has a public Facebook page. Contact the MFA graduate coordinator to submit announcements.

The Literature Department also has a Facebook page. See 'Publicity' below.

Graduate Lounge (LIT 137)

The Graduate Lounge houses your department mailbox, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a toaster and a sink. Please help keep these facilities neat and clean---discard your trash, wipe out the sink and microwave after you use them, and retrieve your items from the refrigerator promptly.

The telephone number for the Lounge is (858) 534-2607.



Litgrads-l is the Literature Department mailing list for the  majority of communications with graduate students, including department news, campus and off-campus job opportunities, talks, conference announcements, and calls for papers. The list is moderated by the PhD graduate coordinator. The membership consists mostly of people who have or had an official connection with the department. This is a self-subscribe list and you are encouraged to add yourself to be apprised of upcoming events and opportunities. Instructions on how to subscribe are available at http://literature.ucsd.edu/grad/current/litgrads.html.


Litmfa-l is an internal listserv for the MFA program. The list is moderated by the MFA graduate coordinator. The membership consists of current MFA students, MFA faculty and affiliated faculty, the department chair, and several staff members. All members can post from their @ucsd.edu addresses; posts from external addresses will be held for moderation. List members must be subscribed/unsubscribed by the MFA coordinator.


Litnotices-l is the department's public mailing list. It's used for department, division, and campus announcements of general interest. Instructions on how to subscribe are available at http://literature.ucsd.edu/news-info/litnotices.html.

Office Space

If you are employed as a TA for a Literature course, the department may be able to provide you with office space for meeting with your students. Office assignments and keys will be available the week before the quarter begins. You will be asked to pay a key deposit (~$20, cash or check), which is fully refundable if you return the key. Please inquire at the reception desk in LIT 110 if you need office space, a key, additional chairs, and so forth. If you are a new student, please wait for notification from the MFA graduate coordinator that it's time to request office space.

The department does not provide office space for MFA students for personal use.


The department posts events, new publications, accomplishments and more on its current events page, on Twitter (follow us: http://twitter.com/#!/UCSDLiterature), on its bulletin boards, and on Facebook by “Writing on our Wall” (“like us” on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UCSDDeptofLiterature).

Students may submit content using the publicity request form (obtain login from the administrative coordinator). We screen submissions make every attempt to publish news about new publications, events, etc., within 72 hours of receipt.

Students may also submit content to the departments lists and MFA Facebook page. See 'Listservs' and 'Facebook' above.