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Building Access

The Literature Building, the Grad Lounge (LIT 137) and the copier room (LIT 149) are usually unlocked from 7:00am to 7:00pm on business days.The building is closed on weekends.

The Literature main office (LIT 110) and most staff offices are open Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Copier Room (LIT 149)

Personal Copies
The copier room is accessible whenever the building is open. It houses two self-service black/white photocopy machines. You must activate your UCSD ID card to use the copiers for personal copying (the copying charges will be billed to your student account). There is a refundable activation fee, payable by cash or check. Please see the department's Financial Assistant to complete the copy service agreement and pay the activation fee.

Click for more information about self-service printing,copying and scanning.

Full-service printing and copying are available from Imprints at the Price Center.

Course Copies
If you are TA'ing for an LTWR 8 course and the instructor asks you to make copies of course handouts, go to LIT 110 and request the use of the department copy card.

Email and Mail

Most electronic communications from UCSD will be sent to your @ucsd.edu account. If you’d prefer to use another email address as your primary account you must redirect your @ucsd.edu account.

You will be assigned a mailbox (open cubbyhole) in the Grad Lounge (LIT 137) for receiving departmental memos, newsletters, and announcements. Please check it regularly.

Graduate Lounge (LIT 137)

The Grad Lounge houses your department mailbox, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a toaster and sink. Please help keep these facilities neat and clean—discard your trash, wipe out the sink and microwave after you use them, and retrieve your items from the refrigerator promptly.



Litmfa-l is an internal listserv for the MFA program. The membership consists of current MFA students and faculty, the department Chair and Vice-Chair, and a few staff members. All members can post from their @ucsd.edu addresses; posts from external addresses will be held for moderation. The list is moderated by the MFA Graduate Coordinator. Incoming students will be automatically subscribed.


Litgrads-l is the Literature Department mailing list for communications with doctoral students about department news, campus and off-campus job opportunities, talks, conference announcements, and calls for papers. The list is moderated by the PhD Graduate Coordinator. MFA students may self-subscribe. Subscription instructions can be found at http://literature.ucsd.edu/grad/current/litgrads.html.


Litnotices-l is the department's public mailing list. It's used for department, division, and campus announcements of general interest. Instructions on how to subscribe are available at http://literature.ucsd.edu/news-info/litnotices.html.

Office Space

If you are employed as a TA for a Literature course the department may be able to provide you with office space for meeting with your students. Information about office assignments and keys will be emailed the week before the quarter begins. You must pay a refundable deposit of $30 (cash or check) when you pick up your key.

The department does not provide office space to MFA students for personal use. Refer to the Campus Resources page for information about meeting spaces on campus.