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Graduate Course Offerings 2018-2019

TENTATIVE. This is not an official document. Please check the official Schedule of Classes on TritonLink.



LTCO 285 - Literature and Aesthetics  "Aesthetics and Race: The Example of Anti-Semitism"  Lisa Lampert-Weissig

LTCS 250 - Topics in Cultural Studies  "Cinema and the Sex Act"  Hoang Nguyen

LTEN 245 - Nineteenth-Century American Studies  "18th- and 19th-century Print Culture of the Americas"  Kathryn Walkiewicz

LTEN 256 - Postcolonial Discourses  "Figures of Absence and Excess in Critical and Postcolonial Theory"  Ameeth Vijay

LTTH 210A - Proseminar on Literary Scholarship  Daisuke Miyao


LTCO 281 - Literature and Film  Daisuke Miyao

LTCO 287 - Culture and Political Theory  Jacobo Myerston

LTCS 250 - Topics in Cultural Studies  Page duBois

LTEN 246 - Victorian Literature  Margaret Loose

LTEN 258 - Studies in Anglophone African and/or African Diaspora Literature and Culture  Fatima El-Tayeb

LTSP 258 - Spanish American Prose  Milos Kokotovic

LTTH 210B - Introduction to Literary Theory  Stephanie Jed


LTCO 282 - Literature and Philosophy  Alain Cohen

LTCS 222 - Topics in Theory and History of Film  Yingjin Zhang

LTCS 250 - Topics in Cultural Studies  Ari Heinrich

LTEN 254 - Topics in US Minority Literatures and Cultures  Dennis Childs

LTEN 272 - Cultural Traditions in English  Meg Wesling

LTSP 272 - Literature and Society Studies  Gloria Chacon

LTTH 210C - Practicum in Literary Professionalization  Amelia Glaser



LTWR 215 - Cross-Genre Workshop  Brandon Som

LTWR 220 - Topics in Writing  "Engaging the Archive"  Camille Forbes


LTWR 220 - Topics in Writing  Anna Joy Springer


LTTH 250 - Writing and Theory  Ben Doller

LTWR 215 - Cross-Genre Workshop  Lily Hoang