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Artist, Mario Torero | original concept by M.E.Ch.A students | Digital Reproduction by Fernando Vossa

The Chicano Legacy 40 Años mural

The Chicano Legacy 40 Años mural, which covered the east wall of Peterson Hall on campus for two years, has been installed as a permanent mosaic. The 17-by-54- foot mural, made up of thousands of pieces of colored glass, was unveiled at noon, May 25, in a free event open to the campus and San Diego community.

The art project was envisioned by students of UC San Diego’s Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA) several years ago as a way to express Latino/a culture, and then brought to fruition by world-renowned San Diego-based artist Mario Torero. Torero created the conceptual mosaic; after a long search, he found an art group in China—the Panyu Muralists Art Collective—who created the tiles for the mosaic.[More]

Link to read full description of "Chicano/a Legacy 40 Años" Mural 

Trailer of "Chican@ Legacy" a film of the true story that follows the development of this Mural.