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Artist, Mario Torero | original concept by M.E.Ch.A students | Digital Reproduction by Fernando Vossa
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Quiénes Somos

What is a Chicana? What is a Chicano? A Mexican-American who is impatient with injustice, a Hispanic who has realized that the success of the community means more than his or her personal success, a son or daughter of immigrants who understands that the "American Dream" works for no one until it works for all.

In 1973, the first Chicano Studies program at UCSD was created.  It was the result of many years of pressure from students who had participated in the major social movements of that time.  The university administration provided only minimal support to the program for over a decade and a half, and in 1989 it was folded into the Ethnic Studies program.  In the late 1990's, Chicano/a-Latino/a students, faculty and staff realized that Chicano/a Studies was still invisible at UCSD and a proposal was developed for a new program.  The result of a long tradition of student activism, the Chicano/a-Latino/a Arts & Humanities, CLAH, minor was created in 2002.

Welcome to CLAH!

There is a new Raza Resource Centro. Welcome Inagural Director & Alumni, Dr. Gerardo Arellano. Check out the space in the Student Services Center, 1st Floor. Email raza@ucsd.edu for more info.

UCSD Library Farmworker Documentation Archive & 'The March to Sacramento 1966' Event.  A short video of the historic event in which key advisors to Cesar Chavez, LeRoy Chatfield & Roberto Bustos, discuss momentous March to Sacramento. 

Want to Intern and Earn UCSD Units? CLAH has partnered with Academic Internship Program and the Cesar Chavez Service Clubs to provide a unique and enriching internship opportunity! For more details check out our flyer!

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Chicano/a~Latino/a Arts and Humanities Program

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