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Installing Sophos on your University Owned Computer - MAC OS X

Uninstall Sophos if it is already installed on your 

Sophos has posted instructions on how to uninstall
their software from your Computer here.

Install Software

1. Run the Installer Package "Sophos Anti-Virus.mpkg"
by double clicking on it

Sophos Installation

2. Select "Continue"
Sophos Installer

2. Select "Continue" again.
Sophos Installer

4. Read the Software License Agreement and then select  
"Continue" again
Sophos Installer

5. Select "Agree" if you agree to the terms.
Sophos Installer

6. Type in the Computer's Administrator name and password
(the same username and password that you use to login to your
computer) and select "Install Software"
Sophos Installer

7. Success! You have installed Sohos on your Computer. Just
click "close" to close the Window. 

Sophos Installer
8. VERY IMPORTANT: Please leave your computer ON and connected to the
internet for several hours. It now has to communicate with the Campus Sophos
servers to retrieve Autoupdate information. Then, please email litinfo@ucsd.edu
and let her know that you just installed Sophos and she will do a little
housekeeping with the update server. When she is done Sophos will now run in the
background, run updates and scan files to keep your MAC Safe.

Sophos Antivirus