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How to use the PaperCut Printer Card System in the Computer Room

  1. Buy a $10 Literature Department Printer Card from Deborah Morrow Yu. Please try to have exact change.These cards are non-refundable and will not be replaced if lost. If you had a Paper Cut Card with a balancef from the Old Computer Room, send an emal to Deborah Morrow Yu with the folllwing Information: Email address and Paper Cut username. She will check the account and transfer any outstanding balance. 
  2. If you do not already have one, create a PaperCut Account:

    From any  Literature Computer Room MacMini select "Register as a new member" from the PaperCut application . A screen will come up, type in your Full Name, email address, username (starts with lit-), password, and then verify your password. Click register.  Don't worry about recording the Identity Number and ID Pin; it will be sent to your email address.
  1. To reedem your card: Log on to any Literature Computer Room iMAC From the PaperCut application type in your username and password (step #2).

    Login PictureClick Image for a Larger View
    Balance Window

    Select how long a time you would like your account "memorized" on the computer (range: 1 minute to "until I logout"). This is important. If you walk away from the computer and your account is still logged into PaperCut NG someone else can print using your account. I would recommend either "until I logout" and make sure and logout , or "1 minute" just to see what your balance is. When you try to print later the PaperCut NG application will ask you again for your username and password. In the upper right hand corner a yellow box with your balance will be displayed, select Details ...