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How to use the PaperCut Printer Card System in the Computer Room, continued

  1. Select Redeem Card and type in the card number from your Literature Department Printer Card. Your new balance should now be reflected in the PaperCut NG Application. The PaperCut NG application can also show you your print history,  you can change your password, etc.

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  1. You can log out of PaperCut NG two ways: Logout of the computer and restart, or using the PaperCUT NG application Select Actions --> Log out. You can tell that you are logged out because the balance will return to zero.

  2. The Literature Department is currently providing paper for the PaperCut NG system, however, we will be keeping track of how much paper is being used, and we will review those numbers against the number of print jobs recorded. If there is a big discrepancy we will remove the paper and users will need to provide their own paper.

  3. The PaperCut Printer Card System is "as is". We will not provide refunds for lost cards, unused balances, etc. You may request a refund for a paper jam by filling out a "PaperCut Printer Paper Jam Refund form", attaching the pages you are requesting a refund for, and placing in Debbie Morrow Yu's mailbox. She will review the printer logs and inform you by email if a credit will be issued. The Department cannot be held responsible for out of paper, low toner, etc. messages during non-office hours, or if the printers need repair.
Please have a "backup" plan in place. This system is is our last chance to have printers in the computer room. If maintaining the system is too labor or cost intensive, we will give 1 month's notice and then remove the printers from the computer room. PaperCut NG accounts with a zero balance for 90 or more days will be removed from the system).


What happened to USB printing?

All printing in the computer room now requires a Literature Department Printing Card. You can however still print from your personal laptop with an ethernet connection in the building (wireless may not work)

  1. Install the client software on your laptop. On each Mac Mini desktop there is a folder called "PaperCut client software for Personal Laptops" that you can copy to your own laptop. Installer instructions are included in the folder.

  2. Add one or both of the IP printers to your computer. The IP addresses are listed on the printers: How to add a standard TCP/IP port (windows) and How to add an IP printer to MAC OS X.

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